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Princess Wishes, a fourth show of the Disney on ice touring musical first presented in 2006 has now become one of the most favorite family entertainment not only among small kids but also among the adults. Disney On Ice-Princess Wishes is adored by kids particularly girls who love to see their dream princesses like Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, Mulan, Aurora and Ariel acting live in front of their eyes. Most of the small aged kids already know about Jasmine and Cinderella but they hardly know about the other princesses. But matured kids and adults love to see the other princesses in action about whom their grandmothers used to tell those stories at nights.
Disney On Ice-Princess Wishes tells the story of 7 fairies and little girls they love to dress up like their favorite fairies when they go out to catch the show. Disney On Ice-Princess Wishes, where dreams come true has been the most admired show on Broadway and according to last week’s ranking it was placed at number five.
Princess Wishes featuring the characters from the fantasy Disney stories is known for its music, singing, costumes, and emotions and skating actions on ice.  Princess Wishes Ice Musical is perfect of girls who are known for their admiration for true love. Princess Wishes tells them the story of Princess Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” that how she made the Beast Prince to realize the value of true love. It takes you go through the life of Snow White until she finds her true love. The only red haired princess of the show is Mermaid Princess Ariel who loves to make contact with human world. Each and every fairy of the show reminds us a different story of our childhood.
Disney On Ice-Princess Wishes opens in New York at the Madison Square Garden on January 21 and runs till January 23. There next arrive at New Jersey to perform at Izod Center was from January 27 to January 30. Princess Wishes will continue its US tour through April 24, 2011 while performing concerts at venues including Manchester, Baltimore, Washington, Charleston, Minneapolis, Grand Rapids and Evansville among others. Princess Wishes has been scheduled to perform at the Scotiabank Place Kanata, Canada on March 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 before it heads up for its New Zealand tour to perform in Auckland and Christchurch from May 28, 2011 through June 7, 2011. Buy cheap Disney On Ice-Princess Wishes tickets and enjoy all the princess shows live in theater with your family and friends.

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